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Infant health record

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Your baby's infant health record is an important book that records information, in one place, about their health, growth and development. It's a permanent record of their early years which will be useful throughout their life. So, it's important not to lose this book and to take it with you to all your baby's appointments.

What is the infant health record?

Your baby's infant health record is a coloured book that records important information about your baby, including their growth, vaccinations and any health issues. The book might be blue, purple, red, green or yellow, depending on which state or territory you get it in.

The infant health record will be in the newborn information pack given to you in hospital when you have your baby.

The book helps all the health professionals who look after your baby to work together — and with you. It records all the important information they need, from when your child is born to when they start school.

What information is recorded in the infant health record?

The infant health record contains health and development information right from the moment your baby is born. It includes details of the birth, vaccinations, when to go for health checks, and any illnesses or injuries.

When you visit a health professional, they will record your child's weight and measurements in the book. You can also add information yourself, such as details of any medicines your child is taking.

Infant health records also contain useful parenting information and tips, information about registering your baby's birth, and somewhere to record your family's health history.

How to use the infant health record

You should take the infant health record with you whenever you have an appointment for your baby, whether it's with your doctor, midwife, child health nurse, at a hospital or immunisation clinic, or when they go to early childcare or school.

Remember to keep the book safe. It's a permanent record of your child's health. If you lose the book, ask your doctor or child health nurse about where you can get a replacement.

Why is the infant health record important?

It's important to monitor babies' growth and development to check for early signs of possible problems. Recording all these measurements in one place in the infant health record helps different health professionals to recognise and treat any issues as early as possible.

Making sure the infant health record is up to date will also help you communicate with different health professionals and be confident in looking after your child’s health, including when they are ill. It also has reminders of when to take them to the doctor or child health nurse for checks and vaccinations.

My Health Record

As well as your paper infant health record, you can also register your baby for My Health Record. This is a digital health record to which different healthcare providers can upload health information. You can also add your own observations about your child's development by visiting

To register your baby for My Health Record, you need to fill out a form that is provided in your newborn pack.

My Health Record doesn't replace the paper infant health record. Make sure you look after your infant health record and take it with you to appointments.

More information

You can find out about the infant health record in your state or territory at:

If you have any questions, call Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on 1800 882 436 to speak to a maternal child health nurse.

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Last reviewed: April 2019

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