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Disability and chronic illness

Caring for a disabled child brings a lot of joy but can also present unique challenges. Parents of children with disabilities are protected by law and have rights in regards to discrimination, education and accessibility. Parents of disabled children may also be eligible for financial assistance and other support for their child.

What is a childhood disability?

Learn more about childhood disabilities such as congenital disorders, disabilities developed after birth and disabilities caused by injury.

What is a congenital disorder?

Congenital disorder, also known as congenital disease or birth defects, are conditions present from birth. Find out more about congenital disorders.

Your feelings about your child's disability

Learn more about how to talk with others about your child’s disability, dealing with your feelings, educating others, and early intervention and next ...

Caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

If your child has been diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD) it's important to have support. Find out how to get financial and emotional ...

Caring for a child with Asperger's disorder

If your child has been diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder, it's important to have support. Find out where you can get financial and emotional assistan...

Early childhood intervention

Early childhood intervention supports the needs and development of children with disabilities, through intensive, tailored and high-quality therapy. F...

Disability and parenting support

Disability and parenting support is available such as government support, information services, non-profit, charity and parent support groups and care...

Disability rights for children

Disabled children have the same rights to education and other services as other kids. Learn more about disability rights and where to seek assistance.

Need more information?

Caring for someone with an ongoing illness | Carers SA

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Chronic illness | Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

Many children (10-20%) have a chronic illness, such as asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, eczema or arthritis

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Caring for someone with an illness or disability - Services Australia

You can get financial help and other services if you care for someone with a disability, an illness or who is frail aged.

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Intellectual disability | Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

What is intellectual disability? A child with an intellectual disability learns and develops slower than other children

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National Disability… | enableme - stroke recovery and support

National Disability Insurance Scheme Read this page to me Fact sheets Podcasts Resources Questions Forums Videos Goals Blogs Back to top Share page Video: NDIS for stroke survivors The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people with a disability who are under the age of 65 get the support they need

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Prevention Strategies & Treatment For Migraine & Headache - Headache Australia

Migraine is common and disabling

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Developmental delay | Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

What is developmental delay? Children develop many skills in their early years of life

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Support for my family | Novita

What is family support? Family support strengthens and nurtures families, building on family members’ existing strengths and skills

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How can FASD be identified? RFFADA

How can FASD be identified? It is not necessary for a diagnosis to be made before certain strategies, interventions and accommodations can be put into place

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Mental health in rural and remote Australia

The reported prevalence of mental illness in rural and remote Australia appears similar to that of major cities.

Read more on National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) website

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