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Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

From toddler tantrums to teenage rebellion, Triple P - Positive Parenting Program helps parents manage the big and small issues that are a normal part of family life.

Triple P helps parents raise kids who are cooperative, make friends easily and do well at school. It helps parents become more confident, less stressed and get on better with their partners. With Triple P, parents choose a program that fits their needs.

Choices include:

  • one-off seminars or workshops
  • private consultations with providers
  • courses: one-on-one with provider, in groups with other parents, or online

There are Triple P programs specifically for parents:

  • of children up to 12 years
  • of teenagers up to 16 years (Teen Triple P)
  • of children with a disability (Stepping Stones Triple P)
  • going through separation or divorce (Family Transitions)
  • of overweight children (Lifestyle Triple P)

Triple P is one of the world's most effective and most extensively researched parenting programs. Parents who do a Triple P program leave with a toolkit of practical strategies that have been proven to work. Triple P has helped more than 4 million children in 25 countries.

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Last reviewed: February 2018

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