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Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA) is the national peak body that represents people with haemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other bleeding disorders.

HFA works with a network of State and Territory Foundations to ensure everyone with bleeding disorders in Australia has access to the world’s best practice treatment and care.

HFA is a National Member Organisation of the World Federation of Hemophilia, and participates in activities to improve access to treatment and care to people with bleeding disorders around the world.

Vision and mission

HFA’s vision is for active, independent and fulfilling lives for people in our bleeding disorders community.

HFA is committed to inspiring excellence in treatment, care and support.

How Haemophilia Foundation Australia can help

HFA supports people with bleeding disorders and their families through representation and advocacy, education, information and promotion of research.

Programs, apps and tools

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Last reviewed: June 2020

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Newly diagnosed - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

A guide for parents of a newly diagnosed child with haemophilia. It includes information about haemophilia, inheritance, bleeding in haemophilia, bruises, and treatment. It also covers growth and development, parenting a child with haemophilia, siblings and exercise and sport. Information on support, including haemophilia foundations and camps, and contact details of services are also given.

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Gene therapy - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information about gene therapy in haemophilia, including types of gene therapy, haemophilia and genes, how gene therapy works, what happens when you have gene therapy and are on a clinical trial and frequently asked questions.

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Haemophilia - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Introductory information about haemophilia, including who has it, types, severity and symptoms, diagnosis, inheritance and treatment.

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Telling others about hep C - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

These fact sheets look at the issues with telling others about having hepatitis C and a bleeding disorder and give some tips on how to approach disclosure in different situations.

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VWD in females - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information about the key issues for living with von Willebrand disease for females. Symptoms include heavy and painful periods. This explains how VWD is treated; how things might change over a lifetime, through puberty, childbirth and menopause; and how to manage health care.

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Telling others - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information to help with considering some of the issues about telling others (disclosure). It looks at some of the situations where disclosure might come up - with friends, family, new partners, school, work and health workers. It also talks about when you do and don't have to disclose and how to protect your rights and your privacy. Includes tips and personal stories.

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Young women - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

A comprehensive information resource for young women and teenage girls about living with a bleeding disorder or carrying the gene. Includes FAQs and personal stories. It covers haemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other rare bleeding disorders and includes explanations about heavy periods and other bleeding symptoms in females. It explains diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, working with your Haemophilia Treatment Centre and other health professionals.

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Haemophilia and carrying the gene - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information on carrying the altered gene causing haemophilia for women. This answers questions such as can females have haemophilia; what the symptoms are; how to manage bleeding problems; pregnancy and childbirth; and tips from other women who carry the gene.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

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